A proper scaffolding project starts with expert engineering to ensure the scaffolding design and structure meets your needs and conforms to all the relevant safety and regulatory standards. Work crews need to access relevant areas to be able to do their jobs, and their support must be stable and secure. At Quickwrap, we have an entire team of scaffolding engineers to help plan and design your scaffolding project. With our exceptional engineering experience, we are able to better prepare and plan the scaffolding needed to complete your job.



Once the scaffolding has been engineered to our exacting specifications, Quickwrap’s experienced teams begin erecting the scaffolding at the job site quickly, efficiently, and above all else, safely. With the scaffolding in place, shrink wrapping becomes simple and easy, if required. Otherwise, we’ll leave it in place until your work crews are finished their jobs. Then, you can expect a quick and efficient dismantling, so you can get your job site up and running again as quickly as possible.



Whether you’re looking to build your own inventory of scaffolding for regular future use, or are just looking to rent the necessary equipment for your job, Quickwrap can provide the stock you need at competitive prices. We’re happy to sell or rent any amount of our quality scaffolding at exceptional rates, and can answer any scaffolding questions you may have.


Residential Scaffolding

When it comes to residential work, Quickwrap’s services are fast and reliable. Expertly engineered and erected with the same precision as our commercial services, our residential scaffolding is perfect for most roofing and siding installation and repair needs.


Commercial Scaffolding

Whether it is new construction or maintenance on existing properties, Quickwrap’s commercial scaffolding gives crews access to where they need to be. We work with commercial buildings of all types, including condo developments, shopping centres, office buildings, and more.


Industrial Scaffolding

Our area of expertise, Quickwrap specializes in fast, safe and stable scaffolding engineering, erection and dismantling for industrial clients, with years of experience having helped with plant shutdowns, plant expansions and other maintenance requiring scaffolding.

We are a proud member of many of the industry associations and compliance networks, and are fully committed to a safe and healthy workforce. Each member of our team is fully trained and certifications are kept up to date.