About Quick Wrap

Quickwrap Canada ltd. is the a supplier of scaffolding and shrinkwrap in Alberta. QuickWrap is Alberta’s premier scaffold and shrinkwrap service provider. We specialize in the distribution and installation of polyethylene shrink wrap, shrinkwrap accessories, and technical service to a wide range of industries. Our quality installations, products and innovative approach are recognized around the industry as a standard to measure by. We will continually strive for excellence in developing new shrink wrap products and techniques.

Additionally, we are very proud of our Safety record and our performance in streamlining our Clients projects to become more efficient and to cut cost on overall projects.

With over 60 years of combined management experience, Quickwrap has continued to prove itself as a solution-oriented company since its inception in 2010 and subsequent incorporation in 2013. Our focus on cost cutting and efficiency has helped us build a reputation for finding innovative ways to resolve our client’s scaffolding and shrink wrapping issues. As industry leaders, Quickwrap continues to set new standards of service for the industry, providing Alberta construction and transportation with fast, efficient placements and, durable protective shrink wrapping of building and modular equipment. Thanks to exceptional technical training for all our tradespeople, and their continued excellence in serving clients across the province, Quickwrap has earned a Certificate of Recognition, and continues to be Alberta’s scaffolding and shrink wrapping specialists.

Building on Our Expertise and Experience To Provide Excellent Service For Every Project

We believe that QuickWrap Canada’s “State of the Art” shrinkwrap process is the most versatile and economical system available on the market .Quickwrap Canada ltd.’s head office is in Edmonton Alberta Canada. We service the entire Alberta Region, from Lethbridge to Calgary to North of Fort McMurray. As well as the Grande Prairie region to the Lloydminister region. Our shrinkwrap and scaffolding technicians have years of experience and will make your project look outstanding.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are committed to providing exceptional service
  • We are a leader in the shrinkwrapping and scaffolding industry
  • We provide service across Alberta


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We are a proud member of many of the industry associations and compliance networks, and are fully committed to a safe and healthy workforce. Each member of our team is fully trained and certifications are kept up to date.